Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Wanna This Wannabe unique undated medium diary scheduler by Wanna This. The Wannabe medium diary is a beautiful and cute scheduler.

 This diary features undated 224 pages in the following sections to help me plan my day. So, I can set up all the dates myself and use this diary at any year.

 The Wannabe diary is the best scheduler for writing, gift, drawing, planning and more.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Chachap Kraft sticky notes memo set by Bono. The Kraft memo set helps me keep my ideas, appointments and messages organized.

 A note with a writable surface stands out without covering the information underneath. 

The Kraft memo set allows me to quickly jot down what I need to remember and then stick it on a nearby, visible surface. I write down my memo on this sticky note set and stick it anywhere I like it. I also use this as a bookmark.

Friday, 2 January 2015


Seeso the Photo undated desk monthly planner scheduler by Seeso. The Photo monthly planner is a classic and useful monthly desk planner. 

 This planner features undated 24 pages to help me plan for any year.  I also make it to stand on a surface and use it as a calender.

The Photo undated desk planner is perfect for use in the home or office for writing all my meetings and appointments on.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Holiday memories... Tunisia

Tunisia has kilometers and kilometers of nice beaches and turquoise sea. 

You can swim and sunbathe in the morning, walk along its corniches during the afternoon and admire the Tunisian sunsets in front a cup of shaii at a nice cafè.

Most of these sea villages have nice medinas too. Places like Hammamet or Sousse are very famous but full of tourists in summer time too; others like Mahdia or Nabeul are just hidden gems.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Starbuck Eggnog Latte

Starbucks' Egg Nog Latte features espresso with steamed eggnog and milk, topped with ground nutmeg.

 The first thing I noticed about the Egg Nog Latte is that there was a definite egg nog smell which I really like it .

Taste-wise, the Egg Nog Latte is very much like a Starbucks Latte, but with a hint of egg nog flavor. It is my favorite Starbucks holiday drink.
The Egg Nog Latte is also the only Starbucks holiday drink that doesn't come with whipped cream by default.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Book Thief-Love, life, death, literature and the impact of war upon ordinary people

What I enjoyed most about the film was how death is introduced as a character. It's the voice of death which is used throughout the film to narrate much of what has happened in the past.

It's death who introduces Liesel, Sophie Nelisse, in the opening scenes and death who fills in her life story in the closing scenes. He's in and out throughout the film gently taking souls while passing on his own unique and inspiring message about all he has learnt about us, the human family. Very philosophical and really quite beautiful. His speech in the closing scenes was so uplifting I was almost moved to tears.

The story concentrates on the war in Germany and focuses upon the growth of the Nazi's and the impact that has on a small town in which Liesel is taken to live with 'adopted' parents. Liesel can't read much at first but develops a passion for books. A passion that will remain throughout her life and one that's encouraged by her new 'papa' and the Jewish boy, Max, hiding from the Nazi's in their cellar.

Some of the darker events of the times are shown but the film doesn't concentrate only on the fate of the Jews. It goes to great length to highlight the absolute racism and discrimination of the Nazi's even against their own people.

 There are a couple of great scenes set around Jessie Owens, American track and field Olympic gold medalist, which I thought were particularly well done. What 'The Book Thief' is asking you to consider is the effect an extraordinary war had upon ordinary people and how it impacted upon love, friendship and family.

I bought the DVD last week and I've watched it twice. It really is a good movie and such a clever blend of dark/light, sad/happy.